Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd.

Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd. (the “Company”) is a company limited by shares incorporated under the laws of Guernsey with a registered number of 54602.

The Registrar

Elysium Fund Management Limited (“Elysium”) has been appointed as Registrar of the Company. Elysium is responsible for the maintenance of the share register of the Company.

Elysium’s address and contact details are as follows:

P.O. Box 650
1st Floor
Royal Chambers
St. Julian’s Avenue
St. Peter Port
Guernsey, GY1 3JX
Channel Islands

Tel no.: +44(0) 1481 810100

Contact Details

Materials that are provided upon request as noted herein may be obtained by contacting Camarco.

Tel no: +44 020 3757 4989

For Media inquiries, please send an email request to: [email protected]

For Investor Relations inquiries, please send an email request to: [email protected]